DANA Butterby DANA Dairy

Pure, Fresh, and Natural
Unsalted Butter

DANA’s unsalted butter is made from the cream made from cow’s fresh milk.  It is the best tasting food substance and ingredient Mother Nature has to offer.

Made from Fresh, Pure, and Natural Cream
DANA Unsalted Butter
DANA Dairy can provide sweet butter. Please contact for details.
DANA Dairy can provide sweet butter. Please contact for details.
Made From Fresh Cow Milk’s Cream
Pure, Natural Butter

Dana’s wholesome butter is made from cow’s fresh milk cream and frozen immediately after picking.  the product, with 82% fat, is in frozen format and has a shelflife of 12 months.  our unsalted butter carries a wonderful and naturally-sweet taste and we provide the most competitive price you can find in the market.  We can provide our brand “DANA” or your brand with an MOQ.  Please contact us for details.

Butter in Consumer (Retail) Packing

We can produce our butter in consumer packaging in 200-gram and 500-gram portions.

Butter in Bulk Packing

For bulk customers, we can pack our butter in 10-kilograms and 20-kilogram carton boxes.  This will make it easy to transport and apply for industrial users such as restaurants and bakeries.

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Dana Dairy® is world’s leading producer, manufacturer, and supplier of dairy and milk products. DANA is our world-known brand and carries our mark of pride and excellence.  DANA brings wholesome nutrition to the world. 

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